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About Our Blog and Dr. Simpson

“Capturing the Moment and Thinking Allowed” is exactly that…. taking a break from our day to capture and reflect on a moment. Sometimes, there exists moments that are deep and sentimental and other times moments to reflect on are simply stories that I, or guest bloggers, recall. But, most of the time, you will read about those instances when the moment to capture is someone elses all together. We just repeat something unique and possibly of interest to others that someone else has shared and then throw our thoughts in. Some thoughts you will like and others you may not agree with.  What you will quickly find is that this is not all about me and you won’t see my life stories filling up the pages. However, I hope you see glimpses of what I believe, what I enjoy, and what I feel is important for others to know. Since I will not be posting ALL about me, here is a glimpse of who I am. I am a mother to three wonderful children. I am a Christian who is continuously seeking to use the gifts God has given me and in the manner that is HIS will. I am an advocate for equality and respect of all individuals. I am an educator (at many levels) but, I do not believe that education alone will help you reach success. Education is knowledge and how you apply that knowledge will lay the foundation for your success. Enjoy each of the moments of your life and when you have a chance come back and read a little bit about ours.

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