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The Successful Online Student

by Dr. Alex Spatariu

A new semester has just started here at HBU, and we are all excited but also focused on the course work loads ahead of us. For those of you taking online or blended courses, especially if it is your first online learning experience, check out this guide for successful e-learning experiences.

Personally, I recommend focusing on 3 things. First, log in to your course at least a couple times a week.  Check for materials you have to read or use for class as well as assignments that are due. That will help you keep up with the course as there are no face to face meetings where one would be verbally reminded what is to be done and when. Second, master the technology needed in the course, whether it is Blackboard course navigation, course specific software, or electronic materials associated with your textbook. Third, balance your coursework with other life responsibilities, such as work, family, friends.  Do not forget to take some breaks and have fun as well.


by Dr. Alex Spatariu

The semester end is almost here! Before we can all relax during the winter break, assignments have to be turned in, a few more classes need to be attended, and the finals are pressing for more study time. All of these could make one tired or feel overwhelmed. My best advice to you all for navigating through busy times well is to divide work into smaller tasks and take things one step at a time. Try not to think too much about what you have to do overall, just chunk things and work on each of the smaller parts. Then piece them together.

Here are some motivational video interviews to watch when you have a few minutes. These are done by Dr. Bob Hoffman, a good friend of mine, who is a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Central Florida. These folks come from all walks of life, but they all have something in common: overcoming hardships and experiencing success by finding their motivation!  You can also sign up for Twitter and follow Dr. Bob.

Resources for Literature Searches in Education

Here are some resources for finding research articles in the field of education:

  • American Education Research Association’s Paper Repository   This resource is free and published by the largest education association in the US, if not in the world. It contains recent research on almost any educational topic.
  • Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education  This resource is not free, but you can search the titles and abstracts first to see if you have any interest in their research. The association is the premier organization for education and information technology research, so you will find a wide variety of research.
  • Google Scholar  Yes, I do use Google Scholar 🙂 to find abstracts as well as full text articles. It also has a feature that gives you the proper citation in different styles, including APA!

Academic Success and Tutoring

The semester is almost half way completed, and many of you have taken midterms in your classes. Of all classes I am teaching, statistics seems to be a rather difficult one for many students, and it is a class requirement for at least some majors. It is difficult, as the concepts presented are complex and quite abstract, and there are a few math calculations involved. I encourage seeking help outside the classroom from our tutors in the library. Here is a link to the Academic Success Center at HBU:

If it helps you feel more at ease about the class, I, too, encountered many challenges back in the day when I took the class as a student, especially the more advanced statistical procedures. However, if you attend the classes, put time in to do the homework, do the practice quizzes, and get tutoring help as needed, you will be able to succeed in the course. Have a good rest of the semester!

Alex Spatariu

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