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The Elusive Epiphany!

By Valerie A. Bussell 

It was interesting to me that Merriam Webster defined epiphany as a sudden perception of essential meaning and went on to include:  “An appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being”.  I liked this direct link in meaning to the “Divine”.

That stated, most of us can probably describe an instance where the light bulb lights, bells ring, angels sing and we get “it” – with crystal clear and perfect knowing. This sudden clarity or insight is best described as an “Ah-ha” moment!

Maybe we unexpectedly realize the ideal book to comfort that grieving friend.  Or we suddenly receive a God-given solution to a problem or specific answer to a prayer.

More commonly, an epiphany is linked to creative discoveries in science or fine art; or even the more ordinary experience of parents gazing into the eyes of a newborn and discovering a perfectly suited name.


Ah-ha moments cannot be summoned or controlled. Epiphanies are happy little miracles of the mind and soul. If not paying close attention, they can be as elusive as the hummingbird outside your window you fail to see while drinking your morning coffee…quick and miraculous; beautiful and fleeting; gone in the blink of an eye.


Though fairly intangible, it does seem that one thing is mandatory for an epiphany to occur. We must be paying full attention in the present moment. Not in the moment as marked by the hands of time. Epiphanies rarely happen when watching our clocks or cell phones. Ah-ha moments are marked by being completely engaged or LOST in the process of creative or intellectual flow.

In other words, we have a greater potential for elusive and sometimes Divinely-connected insights by becoming completely absorbed in what we are doing at the moment.

Lose yourself in a good lecture. Squander yourself in a great book.

Get lost in a heart-felt and honest conversation with God.

Roam freely through a magnificent scripture, movie, song, painting, or beloved poem.

If this is too lofty, lose yourself in watching your cat interact with that catnip mouse on the floor.

Again…PAY ATTENTION! Something new may come to you in that moment when you least expect it.

Much like this blog came to me. 

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