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Doing the Father’s Business

Monday, March 25
Mark 11:12 – 14:11

During Holy Week, Jesus was once again in Jerusalem for Passover– a regular occurrence for Him and for other first century Jews.  The first account we have of Jesus visiting Jerusalem during Passover was when He was about 12 years old.  It’s a familiar story, and one of the few accounts we have of His childhood.  Jesus remained in the temple even after His parents had left the city to return home.  According to the King James Version, when His frantic mom finally found her lost child (after days of looking), Jesus responded, “I must be about my father’s business.”  With the 20-20 vision of hindsight, we probably understand His statement more and/or differently than Mary did.  Much of scripture describes how Jesus did His father’s business –through His life and ministry as well as through His death and resurrection.   I sometimes wonder if someone analyzed my life, whose business would they think I am doing?

During Holy Week, Jesus continued to do His Father’s business.  No special names (like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or Easter) are given to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.  However, scripture contains much detail about these three days.  In many ways, it was “business as usual” for Jesus.  He continued to be about His father’s business.  He continued to teach, to heal, and to courageously and assertively confront what He saw as wrong– using both words and actions. He seemed to live Holy Week as he did His entire life:  with a clear sense of direction and purpose.  Perhaps that was one of the keys to His grounded fearlessness, compassion and peace–even during days of betrayal, unjust treatment, pain, humiliation, stress and tragedy.

When we think of our businesses, we often think of our professions/jobs:  whatever it is that finances our lives.  Maybe we need to rethink that. During this Holy Week as we explore how to more deeply share the promise, it may make sense to contemplate what it would mean if we were to actively, consciously and consistently do the part of the Father’s business that He has called and equipped us to do.

Holy Father,

Help us realize and fulfill Your purposes for our lives.   Help us to be about Your business as we live this day and every day.  Amen

Excerpted from a Holy Week Devotional Guide written for South Main Baptist Church in 2011

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